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CHAMPS GPO Collaborates with Procurement Partners to Launch SAAS Procure-To-Pay Platform

August 06, 2020

CHAMPS Group Purchasing (GPO) today announced a new partnership with Procurement Partners, a leading provider of procure-to-pay (P2P) solutions. The collaboration includes development of a new CHAMPS GPO P2P platform available for its members and suppliers. Offering comprehensive supply chain purchasing and automation from point of order to payment, the new platform will drive the efficiency of purchasing, invoicing and auditing for both members and suppliers of CHAMPS GPO.

The Procurement Partners team is comprised of P2P and technology experts with decades of experience working for healthcare, vendor, contracting and software organizations. Their proprietary software is scalable and flexible to fit in any marketplace with organizations of any size. They manage all software development, integrations, implementation and support in-house, providing service on every level.

Implementing the Procurement Partners solution creates a value-add for CHAMPS GPO’s 14,000+ members. System benefits include ordering controls through increased contract compliance, electronic order approval workflows and complete transparency of all purchases. Members can manage budgets and track spend through dashboards and real-time data visibility. Adoption of a P2P system has shown to offer several automation and cost containment benefits, resulting in an average savings of 10% or more.

This partnership is also advantageous to the CHAMPS GPO vendor community as the invoicing processes are streamlined and consistent from month to month — improving payment timeframes, reducing administrative cost, errors and financial risk.

“Our GPO members are looking for savings that go beyond commodities to operational savings which impact their bottom line,” said Tracy Wise, Vice President at CHAMPS GPO. “Through value added programs such as Procurement Partners we are serving their needs and helping connect suppliers of all sizes to our membership for the health of the entire supply chain.”

“We are excited that CHAMPS GPO has selected Procurement Partners as the Procure-to-Pay solution for their members, and we look forward to bringing significant cost savings, compliance, and efficiencies through automation to them for years to come.” said Rusty Zosel, CEO at Procurement Partners. “Procurement Partners is uniquely positioned to deliver our solution to the largest members of CHAMPS GPO with dozens of managed facilities, as well as to their single operator members through the CHAMPS GPO P2P Portal.  A fully integrated Procure-to-Pay solution has never been available to single entities, until now with Procurement Partners.”

The new CHAMPS GPO platform, powered by Procurement Partners, will create a seamless connection to organizations’ vendors, products, pricing and delivery terms, while simplifying the entire ordering process. CHAMPS GPO and Procurement Partners are hosting a webinar to demonstrate the new P2P platform and how supply chain teams can utilize this tool. Email the CHAMPS GPO team here to gain access to the platform demo webinar scheduled for Thursday, September 17th at 1:00 PM (EST).

About CHAMPS GPO: CHAMPS Group Purchasing leverages the purchasing power of 14,000+ member locations across the United States. CHAMPS’ members gain access to significant savings in product categories including medical / surgical supplies, foodservice, IT, wireless, office supplies and facility maintenance. Together with its national GPO partner Premier, CHAMPS supports healthcare and non-healthcare member supply chain initiatives through their expertise in contract management, aggregation savings, supply chain technology, spend analytics and customized service.

About Procurement Partners: Since 2009, Procurement Partners has been leading the business commerce evolution with its Procure-to-Pay solution. The complete eProcurement and transaction automation portal built and supported by Procurement Partners reduces off-contract spend and drives efficiency to purchasing processes, while also automatically auditing every invoice. The significant amount of flexibility of the Portal, along with the capability to service customers of all sizes, has made Procurement Partners the fastest growing Procure-to-Pay solution in multiple markets. Learn more at

More: To learn more, please contact CHAMPS GPO Vice President, Tracy Wise.

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