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Who is CHAMPS GPO: Learning About CHAMPS

Maria Summers is the Senior Director of Champs Group Purchasing. In this video Maria provides an overview of the CHAMPS Group Purchasing organization. She explains the benefits of joining and function of group purchasing organizations. More specifically, Maria answers questions regarding CHAMPS Group Purchasing and the benefits of leveraging purchasing power with CHAMPS.

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Who is CHAMPS GPO: Learn About Our Contracting

What does it mean to be a CHAMPS member with access to thousands of contracts? From the extensive contract categories to the communications with account managers, this talk will examine the relationship between CHAMPS and Premier. In this video you’ll discover the member benefits and learn the details of what makes the contracting team an essential piece in the effort to secure the best possible savings.

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Who is CHAMPS GPO: Account Management

In this event Wendy Hleba and Jessica Woodhams of CHAMPS Group Purchasing answer frequently asked questions regarding CHAMPS Group Purchasing account management.

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Healthcare Supply Chain Week 2019

Vice President Tracy Wise and the CHAMPS GPO team recognize healthcare supply chain professionals in a brief message for AHRMM's 2019 Healthcare Supply Chain Week.

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Five-Year Partnership with Capstone Health Alliance

A message from Vice President Tracy Wise as CHAMPS Group Purchasing celebrates its five-year anniversary as an aggregation partner with Capstone Health Alliance.

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Suppliers - Expand Your Reach with CHAMPS GPO

Suppliers learn that by collaborating with CHAMPS their reach is instantly expanded to 13,000+ members across the U.S.

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Congratulations to Laurel Lake's Matt Fikaris

CHAMPS Group Purchasing is pleased to recognize Matthew Fikaris, director of dining services at Laurel Lake, a CHAMPS GPO member, for being recognized with a Premier Foodservice 2019 Illuminating Excellence Award.

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What is a GPO

If you work in supply chain, you may find yourself being asked the question, "What is a GPO?" on a regular basis. So what exactly is a GPO? Watch our brief video to hear CHAMPS answer this FAQ.

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Welcome to the New

Tracy Wise, vice president of CHAMPS Group Purchasing, welcomes visitors to our new website.

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CHAMPS GPO Update from Tracy Wise

New Vice President of CHAMPS Group Purchasing Tracy Wise delivers a message to members regarding her promotion, as well as the promotion of former Vice President Yolandi Myers to Senior Vice President of Business Operations for The Center for Health Affairs / CHAMPS.

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