As you may have already heard, we are now offering our members a new MIPS reporting tool called MIPSwizard®. Read the article below to learn how you can satisfy your MIPS requirements with MIPSwizard.

The #1 Registry for Quality Measures Reporting to CMS

MIPSwizard is an easy-to-use online tool to help eligible clinicians quickly and easily participate in the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). Similar to online tax preparation software, the MIPSwizard helps guide clinicians through a few easy steps to rapidly collect, validate and submit their results to CMS. MIPSwizard is powered by the Premier Inc. registry, a CMS Qualified Registry for MIPS reporting.

Before you make your reporting selection, you can access all of the available MIPS reporting products available including the Specialty Measures Sets and Individual Measures options for eligible clinicians. Regardless of the type of reporting selected, the MIPSwizard guides users through the steps for reporting to ensure that requirements are satisfied. The modules include options for patient by patient data entry as well as upload tools. As an additional resource, there are on-demand videos which walk through the different reporting products step by step and provide educational information around various aspects of the MIPS Program. These videos can be accessed through the Video Library located on the resources tab of the MIPSwizard site.

What’s at risk?

MIPSwizard can assist eligible clinicians and group practices in avoiding the maximum penalty and achieving the maximum incentive under the 2018 MACRA program. This year QPP added in some exemptions for smaller practices and those hit hardest by extreme circumstances, such as natural disasters, to help reduce some of the burdens of the ongoing process. However, if your practice does not fall into these categories, be aware the cost for not participating in MIPS is steep. You stand to lose 5 percent of each 2020 Medicare reimbursement. The range potential payment adjustments based on performance against MIPS measures grows each year through 2022. Additionally, clinicians who perform exceptionally well (score > 70) are eligible to share in an additional pool of bonus funds.

How do I get started?

Tens of thousands of providers rely on The Premier Qualified Registry, MIPSwizard, to submit their MIPS reporting on an annual basis. This year CHAMPS GPO is continuing to offer members an exclusive discounted rate on this new MIPS reporting tool. Contact us to learn more or download the infographic below to get 5x smarter about MIPS in five minutes.

MIPS Infographic

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