For more than 100 years, CHAMPS GPO has been helping businesses operate and save money. Together with our national GPO partner Premier, we support member supply chain initiatives through our expertise in contract management, aggregation savings, supply chain technology, spend analytics and customized services. We’ve been able to continue this tradition of helping member organizations because of our unique and exceptional customer service, led by our account managers.

What does an account manager do?

As account managers, we strive to be an extension of our members’ purchasing department. Our main objective is to help members navigate our GPO contract portfolio to find savings. Even though our portfolio is large — more than 2,600 contracts — we provide dedicated account managers to facilitate, address and support the unique needs of each member.

When there is a specific purchasing need, members can contact our team and the assigned account manager can navigate the various contracts. As the experts, we can find the answers and provide the information members need in order to make decisions that will ultimately benefit their bottom line. By doing this work on the behalf of members, we enable them to have more time to focus on their primary service. Account managers support the purchasing needs of each member and serve as a liaison with our supplier partners to ensure members are connected to GPO contract pricing for optimum savings.

What sets us apart from other GPOs?

Our client services model is truly special. Each of our account managers specializes in a particular class of trade such as senior living, hospitals, surgery centers or physician networks, and business and industry or commercial markets, including law offices, hospitality, education, and nonprofits — to name a few. That respective account manager and subject matter expert is the go-to person for a member organization. Account managers are ready to help members navigate GPO contracts and identify savings on behalf of the member organizations.

The expertise of our team allows for the easy navigation of all categories, including: medical supplies, office supplies, computer equipment, facilities needs and janitorial services. CHAMPS works behind the scenes to connect members to our GPO contract pricing. Our team helps members make informed purchasing decisions by implementing price activations with manufacturers and distributors, managing contract renewals, and developing custom contracts.

Communication with members

We invite our members to let us know when they have a purchasing need. Keeping the line of communication open has never been easier. Beyond simply being a phone call or email away, we actively communicate with our members through phone outreach, email correspondence, YouTube events, and business reviews. We also publish a biweekly newsletter to inform members about promotions, tier enhancements, contract launches and other important updates, as well as educational events.

The CHAMPS GPO team is always eager to review a member’s purchasing trends and introduce additional savings opportunities. We rely on member feedback to let us know how we can improve our service and enhance our contract portfolio to better serve member needs. Each member has access to a portal where they can access their cost savings reports, gain access to the CHAMPS GPO site 24/7 and view contract portfolios offered through CHAMPS and Premier with a helpful chat feature available. Our team is always happy to help!

Three takeaways to remember about CHAMPS GPO:

  • We offer world class customer service.
  • Members have a dedicated national account manager.
  • We are an extension of your purchasing department.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of a CHAMPS GPO membership, we invite you to contact us.

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