Learning the ins and outs of a GPO can seem daunting at first. There are the contracts, pricing, account managers and plenty of other details, that when combined, can bring you cost savings.

Let’s begin with our goal: a win-win-win contracting experience between suppliers, members and CHAMPS. This goal and all the work required to achieve it would not be possible if it weren’t for our client services team and the expertise they bring to every one of our members. We tell our suppliers: “we succeed when you succeed.” We aim for partnership and the contracting team does everything they can to create a contract that can be successful for all involved.

What does a contracting team do exactly?
CHAMPS’ contracting team is in the business of both establishing new contracts by going through supplier-initiated requests, as well as what I like to call “the care and feeding” of the portfolio. This can include making sure the paperwork and pricing is up to date, ensuring that all paperwork is accounted for and working with the supplier on everything that relates to the business of the contract.

How diverse is the CHAMPS portfolio?
Our portfolio runs the full gamut of suppliers. Ranging from small locally-based suppliers to names you would know internationally, we pride ourselves on diverse contracts that allow you the opportunity to find the best savings for your unique organization. The full spectrum of the CHAMPS portfolio includes categories such as nursing, operating room, operations, contracts with food, and even services such as natural gas or IT. 

We also have a focus on diverse suppliers and highlight them for our members. This includes woman-owned, veteran-owned and minority-owned business enterprises. All of these businesses provide documentation to confirm their status as a small business enterprise from a certifying agency.

How do I become a GPO contracted supplier?
Our contracts come from a variety of places. Many are found through our open sourcing process on champsgpo.com. Others are referrals from current members and associates. If you’re interested in becoming a CHAMPS GPO contracted supplier, you can view our website and discover a wealth of information including info on how to register to become a supplier. The process begins once you complete our “Become a Supplier” form on the website. From there, a representative will contact you and discuss what it means to be a CHAMPS GPO contracted supplier. Another perk of our website is a new contract calendar which includes a formal schedule for requesting proposals, allowing you to easily tell when certain contract categories are open.

What is the relationship between CHAMPS and Premier?
Premier is our national GPO and has thousands of contracts. CHAMPS is here to supplement any gaps. For example, we’re always looking for suppliers in categories that Premier doesn’t offer. In addition, CHAMPS is very willing to work with suppliers who serve more regional service areas. We also work with suppliers who qualify for, but do not hold, a contract in a specific Premier category, yet can be very important to our clients.

What sets CHAMPS apart from others?
Choosing a GPO can be difficult. At CHAMPS, we stand out because of our ability to be flexible when working with suppliers and our attentiveness to our clients and suppliers. We are not a “love ‘em and leave ‘em” GPO.  Truly, we want our business partnerships to be a great experience. Putting an emphasis on positive vendor relations, we do our best to work with a supplier. Obviously, there are some things we cannot change, but wherever we can, we strive to create a win for everyone: suppliers, members, and CHAMPS.

Visit champsgpo.com to learn more about the benefits of a CHAMPS GPO membership. Interested in becoming a supplier? Contact us here.

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