We’ve been making an impact in the healthcare industry for more than 100 years. Today, we serve more than 20,000 member locations across the United States, representing healthcare, education, recreation, hospitality, business, industry and more. Working with small organizations and large organizations, we pride ourselves on being able to develop relationships with clients, identifying savings opportunities and being a trusted resource for all your procurement needs.

What can a GPO do for me?

A CHAMPS GPO membership is a free ticket to a world of savings for you and your organization. Any type of business or practice can become a member with access to negotiated contracts within the CHAMPS portfolio. Our membership is expansive, diverse and reaches beyond healthcare group purchasing.

What’s in the portfolio? Between our relationship with Premier and our own custom contracts with local suppliers and manufacturers, our portfolio features more than 2,500 contracts. While many are within the healthcare realm and divided into categories of nursing, surgical services and cardiovascular imaging, the portfolio includes contracts in IT, construction, food service, office supplies and more.

What are the benefits of being a CHAMPS GPO member?

In addition to there being no cost to join, there is no annual membership fee. That means you and your organization can save 10-20% without ever paying for access to these cost saving contracts.

We also offer an employee discount program with access to savings through well known suppliers such as AT&T, Verizon, Sherwin Williams, Hertz and Office Depot.

Our members receive support from not only our national account managers and client services team, but the entire GPO department. We act as an extension of your organization’s purchasing department and can act entirely as the department if none exists in your organization.

CHAMPS is happy to help all members and organizations — no matter the size — save money on products and services you buy every day. Our no fee membership allows you to do exactly that while accessing as many contracts as you want with no commitments and no penalties.

How are CHAMPS’ national account managers unique?

CHAMPS account managers are divided by specific industry areas. This means we have dedicated account managers handling healthcare-related categories such as senior living, surgery centers, home care and acute care while different managers are overseeing categories like business and industry.

Members can choose to use the portfolio in a way that best suits them and communicate with CHAMPS as often as they feel necessary. The amount of contact is completely up to you and what best fits your organization.

We also offer a bi-weekly member newsletter which includes information on contract launches, renewals, price changes, recalls and any related educational opportunities.

How do I become a GPO member?

It couldn’t be any easier to become a CHAMPS GPO member. Sure, there is some paperwork to fill out, but we are happy to assist if needed. The approval process takes an average of 2-3 business days to create an entity code allowing new members access to the full portfolio.

Contact us today at clientservices@champsgpo.com and discover how being a CHAMPS GPO member can mean big savings for you and your organization.

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